Description Data Sheet
Integrating photoacoustic ophthalmoscopy with scanning laser ophthalmoscopy, optical coherence tomography, and fluorescein angiography for a multimodal retinal imaging platform
Quantitative birefringence measurements using a single-arm polarization-sensitive OCT system
Photoacoustic ophthalmoscopy for in vivo retinal imaging
New Method for Characterizing the Injected-carrier-to-photon Conversion Efficiencies Inside the Ultrafast all-optical Semiconductor Gates
Widely Tunable Wavelength Conversion 10 Gb/s Using a Modulated Grating Y-branch Laser Integrated with an Optical Amplifier
Dynamic end-to-end optimization for quality of transmission in reconfigurable transparent optical networks
Swept source optical coherence tomography using an all-fiber 1300-nm ring laser source
Swept laser source based on acousto-optic tunable filter
SOA-based filter-free scheme for optical ultrawideband monocycle generation
Novel OCT system based on a tandem interferometer
Regenerator Placement strategies for Translucent OBS networks
Integrated Photoacoustic Ophthalmoscopy and Spectral-domain Optical Coherence Tomography
Fourier Domain Mode Locking Laser for Enhanced Sweeping Range Based on Dispersion-Shifted Fiber
Chromatic dispersion measurement of SOA in C + L band by self-tracking real-time interferometry
C+L Band Multi-Wavelength Fiber Laser Based on Cascaded Semiconductor Optical Amplifier
Linearly Wavenumber-Swept Active Mode Locking,Short-Cavity Fiber Laser for In-Vivo OCT Imaging
Simultaneous Dual-Band Wavelength-Swept Fiber Laser Based on Active Mode Locking
Linearized Wavelength Interrogation System of Fiber Bragg Grating Strain Sensor Based on Wavelength-Swept Active Mode Locking Fiber Laser