返品承認(RMA)またはフィールドサービス分析(FSA)番号を受け取るには、以下のすべての情報に*を入力してください。 ご協力ありがとうございます。

RMA (in warranty) FSA (out of warranty)

RI Manufacture Field Other
RI-receiving inspection; Manufacture – during assembling phase, Field – after delivery to end user

Yes No
Data should be related to parameter(s) from the specification agreed in PO

Yes No
InPhenix is unable to accept responsibility for RMAs where products have been altered or damaged (including pins that have been cut or damaged)

Yes No
Inphenix is unable to accept returns for parameters not listed in the product specifications

Yes No
InPhenix does not accept products with missing or tampered warranty label

• FSA has the warranty period of 30 days.
• InPhenix is authorized by customer to de-lid the device(s) if necessary.
• RMA/FSA valid for 3 months from date of request approval and automatically expires if devices are not returned within 3 months to InPhenix.