Scope of SOA Application Areas

Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers (SOA) use the semiconductor as the gain medium, Which is designed to be used in general applications to increase optical launch power to compensate for the loss of other optical devices. Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers are often used in telecommunication systems in the form of Fiber-Pigtailed components, Operating at Signal Wavelengths between 0.85 µm and 1.6 µm and generating gains of up to 30 dB. Semiconductor optical amplifier free in 1310nm, 1400nm, 1500nm, 1600nm wavelength, can be used with single mode or polarization maintaining fiber input-output.

A Semiconductor Optical Amplifier (SOA), which is Really a laser diode with no feedback from its input and output ports and hence it is also referred to as a Travelling Wave Amplifier (TWA). SOA is a combination of Five Parameters which can use to represent Gain, Gain Bandwidth, Saturation output power, Noise Figure, and Polarization Dependent Gain (PDG).

A Semiconductor Optical Amplifier is an Optical Amplifier which based on a semiconductor gain medium. It is the same as a laser diode Where the end mirrors have been displaced with anti-reflection coatings. A turned waveguide can be used to further reduce the end reflectivities.

The Scope of SOA Application Areas such as:

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