Customization & Foundry Services

Inphenix offers a complete and innovative solution for all of your InP and GaAs foundry services needs. Our foundry engineering and fabrication services include:

  • InP & GaAs Opto-electronic Devices Design & Simulation
  • MOCVD Epitaxial Growth/Re-Growth
  • InP and GaAs Wafer Fabrication on 2″ Wafer
  • AR and HR Facet Coating Design
  • Optical Device and Module Packaging
  • Device and Module Testing

If you have a unique requirement, please contact us today. Because we have our own wafer and chip fabrication facility, we can support custom designs and specifications. Our products can be customized for wavelengths ranging from 700nm to 1700nm and we can offer from the chip level to integrated subsystems.

Contact us today to discuss your unique needs!

InP and GaAs foundry services