Awesome Things You Can Learn About Superluminescent Diode

The Superluminescent Diode is a semiconductor device to beam low-coherence light of a broad spectrum like LED, but High brightness like LD (Laser Diode). Light emitted in a narrow active layer related to LD can be efficiently event to the fiber. SLD is usually used as an incoherent light source for optical sensors like OCT and optical Fiber Gyroscopes. Superluminescent Emitting Diodes are semiconductor devices that emit broadband light through the electrical current shot.



A Superluminescent light emitting diode is equal to a laser diode, based on an electrically induced Pn-Junction, When influenced in the front direction, becomes optically active and generates amplified spontaneous emission over a wide range of wavelengths. Superluminescent Diodes are created to have large single-pass amplification for the spontaneous emission generated along the waveguide, but Laser Diodes insufficient feedback to achieve lasing action.

Superluminescent Diode is excellent high power broadband light sources that are ideal for use in some applications such as Fiber Optic Link testing, WDM PON systems, White Light interferometry, and many other applications.

A light source that is broadband in the frequency domain is, therefore, narrow band in the spatial domain that means it is having a short coherence length. SLEDs can be understood as an incoherent laser diode. SLDs are Semiconductor devices that are optimized to generate a high amount of amplified natural emission.

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