Top 5 Uses of Lidar Laser Technology

Lidar laser is widely used for various aspects like Autonomous vehicles, mapping, Smartphones, and more. The main object behind this blog is to guide you about the uses of lidar technology. 

LiDAR is the acronym for Light Detection And Ranging. Three main components that contribute to the collection and analysis of data- are scanning equipment, lasers, and GPS receivers. It provides various advantages such as Fast acquisition, less dependency on humans and weather, great canopy penetration, and more. 

The LiDAR is useful for creating a 3D representation of any survey and mapping the earth’s surface. Even it can be used to create high-resolution maps, Archaeology, building construction, Geography, Detect pollution, land survey, and many others. 

Let’s take a look at the major 5 uses of LiDAR Laser.

Top 5 Uses of Lidar Laser Technology

5 Compelling Uses of LiDAR Laser

1. Smartphones

Nowadays, many smartphones use LiDAR for camera focus and virtual-reality photos. Samsung, Apple, and others introduce the lidar sensor in their new models. It helps to detect hand and face gestures, to blur the background in portrait pictures, real-time motions capture, and more.

Firstly Apple uses the Lidar and then afterward other android divides used it with depth-sensor which is formally called Time-of-Flight (ToF). It helps to reflect lights to gauge a distance of up to 16 feet at the speed of nanoseconds. 

2. Autonomous Vehicles

An autonomous vehicle is a self-driving vehicle, a driverless and robotic vehicle. The lidar laser is known as an eye of autonomous vehicles because it provides 360-degree views which can be helping to drive safely, and avoid accidents.

With the help of lidar technology, someone can smoothly drive and avoid obstructions ahead even it also improves safety, because it is robotic vehicles that redeem the risk of human negligence. 

3. Mapping

LiDAR plays a vital role in mapping by using laser scanning system with Integrated Inertial Measurement (IMU) and GNSS receiver. It gives accurate and fair navigation systems in GNSS environments. 

Lidar mapping is mostly used to give absolute and relative accuracy. It helps to measures and maps the area of entire cities and other area by using Point Cloud. Additionally, it can be used to illustrate uncertainties like surface degradation or vegetation growth.

4. To expand transportation and modeling pollution

Lidar laser is widely used to generate the report of any assets and to assess the rail industry and road situations. As a form of Adaptive cruise control (ACC), it uses in transportation and helps in transportation by helping and adjusting the vehicle speed. It is also known as Dynamic cruise control. 

The wavelength of lidar laser is short and operates in the form of ultraviolet. It helps to make better planning and pollution density map of the city by detecting pollutant particles of carbon dioxide, methane, and others.

5. Water Detection

With the limitation of reflection and light absorption, lidar laser can use as a water detection system. Only green light can penetrate water with its ideal and farthest wavelength.

The interesting fact is that with the help of a lidar laser it is possible to recover the ocean surface and sea bottom terrain. Also, it helps to see things underwater and create a 3D terrain.

So, this is the compelling application of Lidar laser, apart from this it uses in different areas. The lidar laser sensor is integrated into the smartphone’s camera, video games, and specially developed for augmented reality (AR). 

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